The Triumph TR4A of La Cour Marie, a legendary car.

Carefully maintained by its owners, the Triumph TR4A of La Cour Marie is not a simple car, it a almost, finally, a person, with its strengths and its weaknesses, with a past, a personal experience, a smell which is typical of the materials that makes it up, and of the times those materials went through. In a sense, we can say that the Triumph TR4A of La Cour Marie has a soul, that well-known figures who sat down aboard it loved to feel. Besides, its wooden dashboard reminds of the one of a boat... A boat having a lot of stories to tell with all the seas, sometimes calm or rough, it has faced.

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From 1968, the Triumph TR4A of La Cour Marie is an American version which is among the last models put into circulation. It regularly criss-crosses the roads of Yvelines French department, going from village to village, from castle to castle. People always keep beautiful memories of seeing it passing by, as well as of the roar of its engine. As for its color, « red like poet Rimbaud's blood spilling on a notebook, red, like a woman's lips when love makes her crazy », it irresistibly arouses a strong desire to come closer to the car...

People always feel like in a dream when the car passes by. Legend has it that none of the people who sat in the Triumph TR4A of La Cour Marie on their wedding day ever got divorced!

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